The Art of Being Yourself Workshops

South Africa and Ireland 2016


Be yourself, everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde

Discover greater authenticity and resilience with the Ontological approach

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How many times in your life has somebody offered you that well-meaning piece of advice that you should just be yourself? How many times have you said it to somebody else?  But what exactly does it mean to be yourself especially in a world that seems to do its best to encourage you to be anything but that!. So often we act in ways that seem so totally out of character with who or what we believe we are or want to be. This journey through life can be tough and sometimes being ourselves seems to be the most difficult thing to do.

No two people are alike. We each have our own unique way of taking care of what matters to us and expressing what it means to be human. The key being ourselves lies in understanding the subconscious structure that drive the way we respond to the world in a myriad of different ways.  Not by engaging in a complicated psychology where one needs to be an expert to apply the teaching, but a congruent philosophy which looks at our  ‘way of being’ in the experience of living and working. Being ourselves is very simple when we have the right distinctions and tools.


Ontology is the philosophical study of the ‘science of being. This study focuses on the question of what it means to be a human, a question that has been asked through the ages and one which has spawned a wide range of answers. Ontological workshops and coaching gets to the heart of how people learn, function and change.  It incorporates aspects from philosophy, language, linguistic philosophy, human sciences, metaphysics, biology, and sociology.

This two day workshop will provide you with unique distinctions and practical tools to be able to observe yourself (and others) differently getting to the heart of what it means to be authentically human.

By the end of this 2 day workshop you will be able to: 

  • Develop a greater sense of confidence in your ability to be authentic and ‘show up’ in the world
  • Utilise the ontological approach to build a more flexible ‘way of being’ while taking care of what matters most
  • Utilize a powerful moods and emotions ‘framework’ for developing greater levels of awareness and resourcefulness
  • Develop an increased ability to ‘roll with the punches’ and become more resilient and aligned
  • Gain an insight into the ‘subconscious’ linguistic actions that shape our reality, impact on our self-worth and unconsciously derail our dreams and goals
  • Develop a resourceful ‘bodyhood of possibility’ – a powerful presence that will carry you towards your desired future
  • Identify how to authentically make and manage expectations to reduce stress and become more assertive
  • Develop different ways of observing yourself (and others) while making changes to facilitate a greater level of  ingenuity and creativeness
  • Identify the critical elements in building authentic relationships based on trust
  • Experiment with some tools and techniques to shift negative moods and emotions into a more productive space
  • Reduce stress and tension and increase your ability to become more self-authoring in any given environment


Dates, Venues and Payment Details

Johannesburg South Africa

Date: Saturday 19 November and Sunday 20 November 2016
imes: 0900 – 16.45 on both days
Venue: Good Vibrations Health Sanctuary, 9a Eleventh Avenue/Homestead Road. Rivonia
Fees: R950 per person
The fee for the workshop also provides for a single one on one coaching session with Caroline (post workshop in January 2017),  via Skype, to work through a specific issue or challenge you are facing using the Ontological approach.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided during breaks. Please bring your own juices, snacks and picnic lunch. The venue is located close to the Design Quarter and Norscot Manor Tea Gardens. Bring anything that will make your day of learning more comfortable i.e. cushions and a footrest are suggested together with a clipboard or book to lean on to take some notes!!

Payment Details
Platform 8.  Business / Cheque Account
First National Bank: Branch Code: 251-655   Account Number 62550200514 
E mail confirmation to
Via Paypal : e mail address

Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland

Date: Saturday 10 December and Sunday 11 December 2016
Times: 0900 – 16.45 on both days
Venue: Lisheens House, Training and Support Centre, Ilen Street, Skibbereen.
Fees: 150 Euros per person
Early Bird Rate of 125 euro if booked and paid on or before Friday 04 November 2016

The fee for the workshop also provides for a single one on one coaching session with Caroline (post workshop in January 2017),  via Skype, to work through a specific issue or challenge you are facing using the Ontological approach.

  • Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided during breaks
  • Lunch will be for your own account. Please bring your own packed lunch and/or something to share or visit one of the nearby restaurants.
  • Bring blankets and warm clothes, whatever makes you feel comfortable!

Payment Details :

Via Paypal - e mail address:

A word about Ontology and the Ontological approach

Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being. This study reflects on what it means to be human – a question that has been passed down through the ages and one that has spawned a wide range of answers. In recent times, neuroscience has added a whole new range of dimensions to this question and has also confirmed much of what has been part of the ontological approach for years.

The Ontological Approach is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for effecting change for individuals, teams and organisations. It is highly effective because it is based on a new deeply grounded and practical understanding of language, moods and conversations for behavioural and cultural transformation.

The elegant simplicity and ready applicability of the ontological approach to transformation enables individuals to understand the distinctions which result in immediate and long-lasting change.  The deep transformational capacities inherent within the Ontological approach can significantly expand the capabilities of individuals, families and teams to successfully adjust and adapt to the continual disruptive change that characterises much of everyday living.

For many people contemporary life has become one of relentless change that places constant demands on their mental and emotional abilities. The ontological methodology is a powerful means to significantly expand mental and emotional capabilities. Ontological Workshops are more than an approach to skills transfer and learning. It is an approach to living and working well and developing a life of deep satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment.