Book Endorsements

Caroline has done a stunning job of bringing her unique voice and experience to our universal quest and our heroic journey to find our true selves. She is both authentic and well researched – a beautiful combination.  Nick Williams author of eight books including The Work We Were Born To Do and co-founder of

I loved this book, it was a very inspirational for me. Helped me to understand what life’s journey is all about.  JL Holyoake. Life Coach. The Lilyvine Company

What an intriguing insight into life and the “why” we are here. Caroline takes us through her highs and lows with flowing forward growth using Myths and Fairy tales while guiding us to a better understanding of life. A must read for those who want a better understanding of their journey. Peter McKay,  Nestle. Cape Town, South Africa

A great read and guide for those people that have been searching for answers to questions that so many of us ask – “Why is this happening to me?” ” What can I do to reclaim the power of choice and balance in my life?” or “There are so many choices, but what is the best one for me?” Wonderful weaving of well researched and relevant myths. A must have on your book shelves! Vicki Neale – Coach/Facilitator. Titirangi. New Zealand

Wow what an amazing read! This is one book that I have happily read from cover to cover the parts I thought i might jump over as I often do I have found myself enthralled! Such a wonderful insightful writer! A very wise and courageous women! Thank you Caroline for adding to my knowledge and helping with my own knowing. Cat Vermeer – Healer and Counsellor. Warkworth New Zealand

The most beautiful, beautiful book. Amazing.
Zaine Griff: Singer, songwriter, poet, musician

What an interesting read and so well thought out.  Caroline has had a fascinating journey.  I love the real and practical information on spiritual matters and the references to myths, legends and fairy tales, it’s so appropriate with all the metaphors and stories – things I can relate to hypnotherapy.  Thank you for the gift of your book to the world.  It will benefit a lot of people. Lainie Archer – Hypnotherapist /Coach . Taupuo New Zealand

I really love this book! Caroline’s deeply personal accounts and timeless myths and legends exemplify the discovery and triumph of our highest self. I keep this book close as an inspirational companion on my own spiritual journey. Highly recommend!  Diana Davis – Auckland . New Zealand

Although I started from a cynical base, (spirituality isn’t really my thing), this book has helped me to answer many personal questions I’ve had and many I’d forgotten. The writing is melodic, it entertains and inspires but never lectures or over intellectualises. The best way to describe this book is like having a conversation with a wise friend.  It sounds like a niche interest read when really it’s a book that everyone should read. So Stop worrying and start reading!  Steve Tindall, GM Revenue & Operations.  TVNZ. Auckland NZ