Stop Worrying & Start Living First Edition. (Second Edition coming soon)

Spiritual Warrior BookCaroline  was flying high in Richard Branson’s Virgin Empire. Her reputation for ‘getting things done’ led her to spearhead the launch of Virgin Atlantic Airways in South Africa. Behind her capable and confident exterior, however, she worried a lot. One day, overwork, anxiety, and stress resulted in her having a complete meltdown. The event was a major turning point in her life.

Punctuated with a rich and diverse collection of lessons from mythology, fairy tales, and both sacred and secular texts, this is the story of her journey – her personal quest for identity, purpose, and spiritual meaning.

Let it be your guide to a richer, fuller life as a worrier/warrior on the path of truth.


An inspiring personal story with some powerful insights for personal transformation and change.

Stop worrying and start living is a modern day story with ancient roots which tackles the subject of our universal quest for meaning, identity and purpose in a delightfully intriguing manner. It provides the reader with a rich tapestry of insights and thought provoking lessons from the past through the telling of a true 21st century modern day mythological tale.  Caroline shares the internal struggles faced by a regular 21st century character (herself) who is trying to find their place in the world by blending together insights from myths, legends, fairy tales and parables from around the globe. The book approaches our universal quest for identity from a very personal and yet profound perspective.  The entire book translates into a modern day road map for change which combines the ancient and modern, the big picture and the little picture, the past, present and future. A wonderful combination of myth, metaphor and storytelling which everyone can relate to.

How is this book different?

A tale from the Trenches:

One often finds that many authors of spiritually oriented self-help books tend to lecture and preach from a position of elevated enlightenment which is often difficult for those new to the spiritual journey, difficult to relate to.   Stop worrying and start living is a tale from the trenches; specifically aimed at those starting out and wishing to find some guidance and understanding of the Stop Worrying 2philosophical principles that underpin the journey they are to undertake.  For many readers first exploring spirituality and trying to understand their place in the world, wading their way through a plethora of self-help books and philosophical concepts can be a minefield making it virtually impossible to piece ideas together into a cohesive framework of understanding. Many books too, approach the subject in a way that the average reader  can relate to – either from an overly intellectual or scientific viewpoint or by taking the opposite approach by making it too ethereal.

Caroline has found a perfect balance between the two: using ideas, concepts metaphors and myths which are self-evidently true (or axiomatic).  Readers will find her straightforward and no nonsense approach refreshing. This book is a great combination of down to earth guidance and advice providing the reader with practical insights, a-ha moments and delicious food for thought about our spiritual existence. She takes much of the guess work out of spirituality for those new to the path and creates a solid platform from which readers can make their own deductions and assumptions.

Cuts through the clutter!

Stop Worrying, Start Living makes spirituality accessible.  It’s packed with information which is beautifully and succinctly communicated without unnecessary fanfare or fuss. Even though the book has over 450 pages, each chapter is relatively short, and punctuated with personal stories, metaphors, parables, beautiful illustrations, inspiring quotations and lessons from the myths and legends making it really easy to digest.  Thus, the book approaches the topic of personal and spiritual growth from a variety of angles allowing the reader the ability to pick and choose how and what to pay attention to.

An authentic and magical read!

The book deals with some very intense subjects in philosophical and spiritual thinking relative to our current times but makes Magic Book2them very digestible, sometimes humorous and certainly easy to understand.  Even though Caroline has clearly carried out a lot of research, readers will enjoy the unassuming, practical and light-hearted way in which the subject matter is depicted.

She candidly shares her own ‘inner and outer world experiences ‘of searching for a deeper meaning in life enabling the reader to identify with her struggle for identity in a very public space.  One feels that they get to know the author personally and are able to identify with the inner struggle for understanding and peace. There is also a certain magic in her writing style which makes this book difficult to put down. One gets carried along by the personal stories and intrigued by the metaphors, myths and analogies and how each one gradually interconnects to create a cohesive framework of understanding.

Building a metaphorical jigsaw puzzle.

Many spiritual books focus on one SINGLE aspect of spirituality and belief: i.e. karma, reincarnation, astrology or tarot cards to name a few and deem it to be the holy grail of knowledge.  Caroline cleverly weaves all of this and more into a personal spiritual jigsawjourney with some very valid lessons and tools that are easily applicable and identifiable in the readers own life.  Very often, it’s difficult for people new to the path of spirituality to see the bigger picture, the interconnectedness of all belief systems and the systematic principles that underpin our existence.  Thus, their search for meaning often ends abruptly, leaving many questions unanswered.  This book, however, encourages the reader to develop an inner wisdom by creating a metaphorical jigsaw puzzle.  Readers will find seemingly disparate concepts in metaphysical thought, slotting together snugly while insights come at them thick and fast, not because the author says it is so, but because they recognize them as aspects of their own life. Truth only becomes truth when the reader ‘gets it’ at a deeper level.  To help with this, the book has been divided into three sections.

Book 1  Mapping the Journey A 16 point road map for personal change
Book 2 Lessons from the Special World 12 Valuable lessons tackling some of life’s most difficult questions
Book 3 Weapons and Tools 7 Wonderfully rich insights and tools for transformation

No complicated workbooks or exercises

This book brings together pearls of wisdom and a foundation of understanding without forcing the reader to wade their way through a plethora of exercises. It’s a book which encourages the readers to explore their inner world, providing some mental nuts to crack rather than engaging in complicated form filling. It elevates the readers thinking to the bigger picture, philosophical aspects of life whilst also suggesting ideas and concepts which can be applied on a day to day basis. It encourages the reader to contemplate their situation allowing gems of wisdom to percolate into their life in a disarmingly simply way.

Not aligned with a single spiritual viewpoint

The book incorporates insights from a variety of schools of mystical thinking and is not constrained by one system.   Caroline helps the reader to understand that when we look deeper behind any system of organised religion or new age mystical thought there are common threads, themes and principles that run through each. This book gets to the mystical thread that connects them all allowing us to cut through the clutter and reach our own conclusions.

Myths legends and fairy tales are used as metaphors for change because they typically have no specific religious or spiritual connotations, thus making them easier for the layman to embrace at the outset. The book encourages readers to ‘pick n mix’ different aspects from different systems of belief to establish a truth for themselves.

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