Workshop – The Spirit of Leadership


The old adage is that Business and Spirituality don’t mix and that ‘spiritual leadership’ referred to ‘religious leadership’ something that the local Vicar would attempt to impart on a Sunday morning to a yawning congregation.  As far as business is concerned, well you’d probably be forgiven for thinking of it an oxymoron. But with gigantean cracks forming in the old models of leadership and a flourishing interest in spirituality sweeping the globe, one needs to ask the question – can business afford to turn its back on this new wave of spiritual intensity?

By the end of this one day leadership workshop you will be able to:

  1. Identify what is meant by spiritual leadership and why its often so difficult to achieve
  2. Recognise why organisations are already ‘spiritual places’
  3. Examine the individual inner conflicts that need to be resolved before leading from the heart
  4. Why spiritual leadership is a journey and not a destination
  5. The emerging role of spirituality in leadership and business
  6. What it means to lead authentically from the inside-out
  7. The role of the myth and archetypes in leadership, life and work
  8. Why leading today is our greatest opportunity for spiritual evolution
  9. Identify the character traits of ‘spiritual leaders’ today

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