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With workplace stress and anxiety representing about 40% of reported workplace illnesses and one in five visits to the GP in the UK it’s easy to believe that there literally is no light at the end of the tunnel for those plagued with these symptoms.  Yet workplace stress and depression doesn’t it have to mean the end or lifelong sentence to medication, but finding our way out of the darkness isn’t always easy.

In this one day workshop Caroline tackles stress and depression from a philosophical perspective. Candidly sharing her own experiences of stress and burn out whilst in a high flying career in Richard Branson’s Virgin Empire, she illuminates some of the ‘spiritual’ insights gained during her 10+ year journey along the road less travelled.  Using lesson from mythology and fairy tales, she shares how her own experiences lead her to better understanding herself, the work she was born to do and fulfilling her calling in life.

In this one day workshop you will learn:

  • Why are darkest nights can lead to our brightest days
  • How to identify the 5 inner conflicts that keep us stuck and repeating the same stress mistakes
  • Why losing the plot is part of the plan to help us fulfil our spiritual destiny
  • Why it’s OK to experiment with your life and make mistakes
  • A different perspective about the true meaning and purpose of life
  • How to develop a personal philosophy that brings inner peace and outer resilience
  • 5 inspirational insights for living a more courageous life
  • Tools and techniques for clearing  energetic and subconscious blocks that keep us stuck in repeating spirals of negativity




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About Caroline Ravenall

Caroline is former head of sales and marketing in Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways in South Africa, turned leadership coach, speaker, author , and scholar of mythology and philosophy! She is an inspirational speaker with a pioneering spirit and is passionate about helping individuals and organisations reconnect with their spiritual values through leveraging the power of myth and storytelling in culture, leadership and life.


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